Abroad Employment Confucius had once said “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” But with the Covid-19 situation the world has truly come to a stop and is barely making progress. The government had imposed lockdown on March 25, 2020 to fight COVID-19 but where do we really stand in this fight with India breaking the record for highest Covid cases almost every other day?

According to various reports of research and surveys around 50 lakh young Indians have faced Unemployment in the face of the current situations. While so many of the daily-wage workers have been left in a very critical situation with barely any help from the government we can’t help but highlight how much the process of Abroad Employment  have changed in the overall industry.

People have left behind the excessive and continuous working hours of Office and have started finding comfort in flexible timings as they resume their work from home. Digital platforms like Google Meet and Zoom have got a tremendous boost and are at the peak of their career so far. There might be some excessive screen time involved but Desk job workers are relishing their time in the comfort of their homes. The situation right now has become unredeemable and only time will tell if we will be continuing this same kind of work lifestyle ahead or not?
With this a question still remains unanswered, how will a daily-wage worker sustain in this environment?

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