Overseas Recruitment Process

getting work order
Stage 1

Getting Work Order

The orders received from the clients are reviewed before being executed. Getting the work orders may include job details, cost estimation, information about the work to execute, dates and time to execute, special requirements if any. A detail study is done on the work order received by our team of experts.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 2

Gathering Profiles

We start gathering profiles matching the work order. Collecting the profiles, compiling it and studying each profile separately helps each individuals strength to be used wisely in particular field. Our main aim here is to get the exact match of the candidate profile and work order.

primary interviews
Stage 3

Primary Interviews

Primary interviews are the base for any hiring. This determines the suitability of an applicant to the job profile. It consists of skills check and education requirements for the post . Once they clear and fit the post then the further rounds are applicable to the selected applicants.

document verification
Stage 4

Document Verification

Verification and validation takes place with the documents such as – Identity proof, Education documents, address proof, government id, and photograph. These documents are thoroughly examined along with the original documents to check the authenticity of all documents.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 5

Shortlisting Candidates

Short listing is the process which fits the criteria; meets the requirement for the post and the candidates who want to move ahead. The short listing candidate process consists of making list of desirable criteria, short listing them, considering the eliminating factors and notifies the short listed candidates.

list sent to client
Stage 6

List sent to Client

The generated profiles are sorted and then interviewed by the recruiting company. This list makes it easy and sorts the eligibility process for both the candidate and the recruitment team of the company. The list is the gathered profiles data that is sent to the company for further process.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 7

Getting Interview dates

It is the recruiter’s job to schedule the date and time for the interview, after the application is submitted. We coordinate with the client to know the exact way of interview i.e. face to face / audio – video / technical skill test at trade test centers, and finalize the dates according to the availability of the venue.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 8

Arrangement for Interviews

Our team takes care of the arrangements for the interviews. Team sends the required details and procedure of how the interview will be. We make all arrangements for the interviews for all the rounds to be conducted. All the facilities and support is provided to the interviewer of the client.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 9

Practical skill test

Practical skills are important to understand how best the candidate is eligible for the concerned role. We have our trade test centers in India at various locations for various skills such as Welders, CNC Operators, Fitters, Assemblers, etc. We also have all required equipment’s for skills testing.

selection list
Stage 10

Receiving the Selection list

The list of candidates selected after every interview round is scored on board. And is received by the HR who looks into the further process. We immediately start with the further process of recruitment. We coordinate with all the selected candidates for the further process, and get there final consent.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 11

Police Verification

This process includes getting the PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) of the selected candidates. Police verification process deals with verifying the address- (permanent and current) mentioned in the attestations of documents. The criminal records are checked for all the selected candidates.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 12

Insurance and Visa Process

Once the PCC is done, we immediately apply for the Work Permit process, once we receive the work permit we do Insurance of all the selected candidates, and then we apply for the Visa process. Our team of experts take care of the entire Visa process right from documentation to the Visa stamping.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 13

Pre-departure orientation

Complete orientation is taken for all the selected candidates, detailed briefing is given to the candidates about the country, about the culture, about precautions to be taken by the candidates in case of their behavior, contract terms, clients expectations from the new joining, etc.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 14


All the departure procedure is taken care by us at all stages right from giving all the required documents to the candidate, to the take off. We also have an attendant who is always travelling with all the batches from India and the entire departure is take care of by our team of experts here in India.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 15

Arrival at Destination Place

We have local existence in European Countries, which makes the entire process smooth in other countries as well. Once the candidates reach the country we have attendants in those cities to pick them and send them to the clients location. We help the clients and the candidates in complete coordination.

Post enrollment briefing
Stage 16

Enrollment in the company

At this stage the most important part is enrollment of the candidate in the company. If the client is not able to coordinate with the candidate due to language constraint, we try to be a coordinator between client and the candidates to smoothen the process. We make sure that both the parties are comfortable.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 17

Post enrollment briefing

Detailed briefing is once again given to all the employees. The main agenda with this briefing is about the behavior of employees in the premises of the company and the stay area. This briefing has always played an important role for long term relation between employer and the new employees.

Overseas Recruitment process
Stage 18

Local help to candidates

Our main intention is comfort of both the parties, and we try our best to provide services to the client and the candidates even if the placement procedure is completed. Our approach of unconditional services and our helping hands to our candidates and clients is always being appreciated.