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STEEL PLANTS & POWER PLANTS man power hiring
Steel Plants & Power Plants

Steel plants and power plants require a variety of workers to function safely and efficiently.


Refineries, like other industrial plants, require a range of workers with different skill sets to function smoothly.

Chemical Plants

Chemical plants are complex environments requiring a diverse range of workers to ensure safe and efficient production.


The pharmaceutical industry is vast, encompassing everything from research and development to manufacturing and sales. As a result, the worker needs are quite diverse.

Ports & Shipyard

Ports and shipyards are busy hubs that require a diverse workforce to keep goods moving and vessels seaworthy.


Mines, like steel and power plants, require a diverse workforce with a range of skills.

Construction Companies

Construction companies require a diverse workforce with a range of skills to bring projects from blueprint to reality.

Heavy Fabrication Plants

Heavy fabrication plants are hives of activity, transforming raw materials into massive structures and equipment. To keep things running smoothly and safely, they require a diverse workforce with specialized skills

IT companies hiring
IT Companies

IT companies require a diverse range of workers to design, develop, maintain, and support their technological infrastructure and products.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is a complex sector with a diverse range of worker needs

aerospace industry

The aerospace industry thrives on a diverse workforce with expertise across various fields.

Automobile and Auto Ancillary industries
Automobile & Auto Ancillaries

The Automobile and Auto Ancillary industries are vast, encompassing everything from designing and building cars to manufacturing the countless parts that make them work.

Machinery manufacturers
Machinery Manufacturers

Machinery manufacturers rely on a diverse range of workers to bring their designs to life.

Textile & Garment industry
Textile & Garments

The Textile & Garment industry has a diverse workforce with varying skill needs. Some key worker roles: Machine Operators, Cutters, Assemblers

Foundries and workshops
Foundries & Workshops

Foundries and workshops, while similar in working with metal, have some distinct worker needs

Production Units
Other Production Units

The specific workers needed in "Other Production Units" will vary greatly depending on the industry and the type of goods being produced.

Telecom & Electronics sector
Telecom & Electronics Sector

The Telecom & Electronics sector is a dynamic field that thrives on innovation. Worker needs in this sector: Electronics Engineers,Field Technicians.

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector
FMCG Sector

The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector boasts a diverse range of roles, so the specific workers needed will vary depending on the company and department.

travel and tourism sector
Travel & Tourism Sector

The travel and tourism sector is a diverse industry, and the worker needs vary depending on the specific role.

unskilled worker
Unskilled workers

The term "unskilled worker" can be misleading. While these jobs may not require extensive formal education or specific technical training, they still necessitate valuable skills for successful performance.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities
Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require a vast array of workers to deliver care to patients.

transport and logistics industry
Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics industry is a vast network that keeps goods moving efficiently.

media and advertising
Media & Advertising

The media and advertising landscape is constantly evolving, demanding a diverse range of workers with a unique blend of skills.

Human Resources (HR)
Human Resource

Human Resources (HR) wears many hats! The workers they need reflect that variety.

Food & Beverage industry
Food & Beverages

The Food & Beverage industry is vast, encompassing everything from fine dining restaurants to fast-food chains. Worker needs vary depending on the specific establishment.

Accounts & Finance
Accounts & Finance

The workers needed in Accounts & Finance can be broadly categorized into two areas: technical skills and soft skills. Breakdown of what employers typically look for: Accountant, Financial Analyst, Auditor.