The local news might be buzzing with the amount of unemployment, but as a Business Owner one needs to weigh in their chances very carefully to see where they are headed due to the given conditions the world is in, a supreme boost or a gradual downfall to their business awaits? As companies are opting for work from home lifestyle how can one assure the same work outcome from their own? Here we have jotted down some steps you should follow to keep your business running in the middle of the Pandemic.

How to keep your Business running in 3 steps . might either be working remotely or not working at all during this time but the key to keeping up with your business rivals is to Stay in touch. Both, with your employees as well as Customers.

  1. Stay in touch with Customers:
    Make sure your customers know what’s going on and how you’re keeping up with it, a weekly or monthly update or newsletter via email helps. Are there any offers people should know of? Tell them instead of waiting for them to check your social media pages.
  2. Stay in touch with Employees:
    As much as it is hard to keep up with the stress yourself, try to talk it out with your employees. During these times we lack the sense of touch and eventually, it leads to lack of emotional support. We all feel like we are alone in this struggle while in the office we had a sense of community. Build that community back via virtual meetups. Don’t just have work-related meetings, once a month meet up with your juniors or partners and have light discussions and a good laugh. This way of rejuvenating the energy back will keep them in good spirits.
  3. Change your ways if required:
    We all know this pandemic brought about a lot of change in the world, but how are you handling it when it comes to working? The access has become less so you will need to reach out to your clients directly for services at their house if they can’t be done online. What makes your company stand out? Show it in your services. According to a study the part that affects customers’ decision the most on which company they choose amongst some rivals, they always prefer the one with the best service. Make sure you have that covered.