Find everything you need to know about welder jobs, including welder job descriptions, current welder job vacancy, the welder job meaning , and welder job salary. Start your welding career with the best opportunities available in the industry today. Welders occupy a special place in the world of industrial artistry, using electrodes and flames to fuse metal into forms that are both elegant and useful. What’s beyond the sparkles, though? Let’s explore the diverse realm of welding careers in Europe, analyzing their definitions, types, openings, and pay scales. Totaljobs has 896 welder jobs vacancy in Europe. Receive immediate job matches from employers seeking candidates for Welder job vacancy  in Europe, including Welder Fabricator, Tig Welder, Fabricator Welder  , Mik Welder

The welder job meaning

  • welder job meaning Welders represent a tradition of skill, creativity, and inventiveness that goes beyond simple employment.
  •  Fundamentally welder job meaning , work of a welder involves the skill of fusing metal parts together to form the framework of contemporary society.
  •  welder job meaning The fulfillment of transforming raw resources into finished products, filling in gaps, and creating connections in the process. 

welder job description

  • Welders are expert craftsmen entrusted with fusing metal components together using a variety of methods, including laser, gas, and arc welding. They must interpret welding symbols, requirements, and blueprints in order to perform accurate welds that guarantee structural integrity and satisfy quality standards.
  •  Welders modify their methods to fit various materials and project specifications while working in a variety of settings, such as manufacturing facilities and construction sites.

14 Type of Welder Job Categories: 

  1. Structural Welders: Focus on fusing beams, girders, and other structural elements for infrastructure, buildings, and bridges endeavors.
  2. Pipe Welders: Put your attention on welding pipel ines that move water, gas, oil, and other liquids while making sure the connections are tight and the structure is sound.
  3.  Aerospace Welders: Create metal parts for airplanes and spacecraft while meeting tight requirements to guarantee performance and safety.
  4.  Robotic Welding Technicians: Increase accuracy and efficiency by programming and operating robotic welding equipment for automated industrial processes.
  5.  Underwater Welders: These workers handle particular dangers and problems while doing welding operations in submerged settings including underwater structures and offshore oil rigs.
  6.  MIG Welder: Focuses on Metal Inert Gas Welding, which is frequently utilized to weld stainless steel, aluminum, and steel.
  7. Pipe Welder: This person specializes in welding pipelines for a range of industries, including plumbing, water treatment, and oil & gas.
  8. Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welder: Expert in TIG welding, renowned for its accuracy and spotless welds; frequently used on exotic metals, stainless steel, and aluminum.
  9.  Structural Welder: This person works on welding the structural elements of infrastructure projects, buildings, and bridges.
  10. Railway Welder: Focuses on welding railway parts and tracks to provide dependability and safety for train operations.
  11. Trade Welder: A skilled worker that can adapt to diverse sectors and project requirements, having experience with a variety of welding techniques and applications.
  12. Argon Welder: This type of welding is perfect for reactive materials and non-ferrous metals since it uses argon gas to shield the welds.
  13. Gas Welder: This tool cuts and welds metal by using different gases, including propane, oxygen, and acetylene.
  14. CO2 Welder: This type of welding machine, which is frequently used in the metal production and industrial industries, uses carbon dioxide gas as a shielding agent.

European Welder Job Salary: – 

Experience, education, location, and demand in the business all affect European welder job salary.

 The annual salary range for entry-level welders is between €25,000 and €30,000; however, compensation for seasoned welders and those in specialized positions. – Due to the need for skilled labor and other variables, countries with robust manufacturing industries, like as Europe Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Finland, and Sweden 


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Demand for welder Job

Welders and metal sheet workers

3800 EUR / month (gross) Location: Europe Start date: ASAP Working time: 40 hrs / week Language: English

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Pipe Fitter Jobs

Pipe welders and pipe fitters

900 € / week (net) Location: Europe Start date: ASAP Working time: 50 hrs / week Language: English

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Structural Welders

5700 EUR / month (gross) Location: Europe Start date: ASAP Working time: 173 hr

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Aerospace Welders

3800 EUR / month (gross) Location: Europe Start date: ASAP Working time: 40 hrs / week Language: English

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Underwater Welders

Underwater Welders

900 € / week (net) Location: Europe Start date: ASAP Working time: 50 hrs / week Language: English

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Railway Welder

Railway Welders

5700 EUR / month (gross) Location: Europe Start date: ASAP Working time: 173 hr

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