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15 Machine Operator Jobs in Europe: Roles, Skills, and Salary Insights

Discover the key responsibilities, essential skills, and salary potential for a machine operator job. Learn what it takes to excel in this role and what you can expect to earn. 

The average income for a machine operator in Europe is £20,535. Machine Operator wages in Europe range between £16,631 and £24,448.

Heavy machinery maintenance and operation, including setup, disassembly, and quality control, is the primary responsibility of machine operators.  Machine Operators frequently work in manufacturing and production facilities. Finding information about the Machine Operator job main duties, pay, and required abilities for a machine operator Job can be beneficial. This article explains the duties and responsibilities of a machine operator and explains how to become one.

Salary Potential for Machine Operators Job in Europe: Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Finland, and Sweden

Salary Opportunities for Machine Operators in Europe: Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Finland, and Sweden

Machine operators play an important part in several European countries’ manufacturing industries. The earning potential for these professions varies greatly depending on their location, sector, and experience. Here’s a breakdown of machine operator income expectations in Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Finland, and Sweden.


  • Average Salary: €10,000 – €15,000 per year.
  • Notable Industries: Automotive, electronics, and textiles.


  • Average Salary: €12,000 – €18,000 per year.
  • Notable Industries: Automotive, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.


  • Average Salary: €11,000 – €17,000 per year.
  • Notable Industries: Shipbuilding, automotive parts, and food processing.


  • Average Salary: €30,000–€45,000 per year.
  • Notable Industries: Electronics, machinery, and forestry products.


  • Average Salary: €35,000 – €50,000 per year.
  • Notable Industries: Automotive, aerospace, and machinery.

What is the Job of a Machine operator?

Gaining knowledge about the “What does a machine operator do?” the question will help you progress in your position. Labourers that operate large machinery and equipment to carry out tasks like maintenance and production are known as machine operators. They are in charge of setting up the machinery, loading it, and operating it, among other machine-specific tasks. Additionally, they oversee the machine’s maintenance, make sure it runs at peak efficiency, and perform regular quality checks.

15 Types of Machine Operator Jobs

The principal duties of a machine operator

The following are some of the main duties that a machine operator could perform:

  • Prior to starting production, calibrating the machine, handling its settings and performance, running routine tests to ensure that it is operating at maximum capacity, and adhering to any safety metrics and business requirements
  • examining different machines with the appropriate instruments
  • supplying semi-automated machinery with raw materials to enable assembly lines troubleshoot equipment to increase performance
  • keeping a database with all the details about the machine, including faulty parts and finished goods
  • creating and submitting machine performance reports to higher management
  • examining machine parts with micrometres and rulers to make whether the devices are operating within all design specifications
  • Repairing small machinery that may be required while running heavy machines, as well as cleaning and maintaining the work space and machinery, understanding and adhering to directions when utilising machinery
  • launching large machinery and making adjustments as needed for improved performance
  • carrying out pre-operational procedures to guarantee appropriate startup and operation
  • interacting with employees and coworkers to guarantee an effective

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