ITI Electrician jobs salary  between £35,000 and £40,000 annually; this is a competitive pay with room for advancement.

Total jobs  has 2074 ITI Electrician jobs  in Europe. Get immediate job matches from employers in Europe hiring now for electrician positions, such as

The Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) offer excellent technical instruction and training that gives for ITI Electrician jobs  the tools they need to succeed in a variety of trades. The ITI Electrician course, which prepares students for a variety of opportunities in the ITI Electrician jobs  area, is one of the most sought-after among them. An increasing number of sectors and technological advancements are driving the need for qualified electricians. These are a few of the most sought-after ITI Electrician jobs  right now.

Overview: Installing, maintaining, and fixing electrical systems in homes is the responsibility of residential electricians. Everything is taken care of by them, including electrical panels, lighting, and circuit breakers.

Principal Duties: – Setting up new electrical systems in residences – Maintaining and repairing current electrical systems – Troubleshooting electrical problems

In Demand Because: There is a constant need for domestic electricians due to the ongoing building of new homes and the upkeep of existing residential properties

Overview : Commercial electricians are employed in non-residential environments like office buildings, retail establishments, and other commercial spaces. Compared to household electricians, they deal with more complicated electrical systems.

Key duties include installing and maintaining electrical systems in commercial buildings, updating those systems to make room for new equipment, making sure those systems abide by commercial building requirements, and conducting routine maintenance and inspections.

In Demand: The need for commercial electricians is driven by the expansion of the commercial real estate market as well as the ongoing upkeep and modernization of business buildings.

Overview : Industrial electricians are employed in manufacturing facilities, factories, and other industrial environments.

key duties : Because of their proficiency in setting up, maintaining, and fixing electrical equipment in industrial settings, industrial electricians are in great demand. They operate high-voltage apparatus, automation systems, and complicated machinery. The efficient operation of electrical systems in factories, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial facilities is guaranteed by industrial electricians. Their duties encompass interpreting designs, resolving electrical problems, and carrying out preventive maintenance.

Demand : To maintain efficient operations, the industrial sector depends heavily on sophisticated machinery and automation, which raises the need for qualified electricians.

Overview: Maintaining electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings is the responsibility of maintenance electricians. Making sure electrical systems are operating safely and correctly is their main responsibility.

Principal : – Conducting regular electrical system inspections and maintenance – Troubleshooting and fixing electrical problems
Maintaining adherence to electrical safety regulations; – Upgrading electrical systems as necessary

In Demand Because: Maintenance electricians are invaluable in all industries since regular maintenance is crucial to preventing electrical breakdowns.

Overview: Self-employed electricians, known as electrical contractors, work on a variety of electrical projects, ranging from modest domestic work to significant commercial contracts. They frequently oversee electrical projects from beginning to end and oversee a group of electricians

Principal Duties: – Sourcing and overseeing electrical projects; – Managing an electrician crew; – Seeing to it that projects are finished on schedule and within budget; – Preserving adherence to safety regulations and electrical codes

Demand Because: Electrical contractors have a wide range of projects at their disposal, which makes them a lucrative and sought-after professional path.

Overview: Vehicle electrical systems, including those of cars, trucks, and buses, are the area of expertise for automotive electricians. They install new electrical components and diagnose and fix electrical problems in cars

Principal Duties: – Identifying and fixing electrical issues in cars – Maintaining and repairing car electrical systems – Installing new electrical parts, like entertainment and lighting systems – Making sure cars adhere to electrical safety regulations

High Demand Because: There is a growing need for qualified automotive electricians due to the complexity of modern automobiles and the popularity of electric vehicles.

Overview: To design, develop, and test electrical systems and components, electrical technicians collaborate with engineers. They frequently work in production, quality control, and research & development.

 Principal Duties: – Helping with the creation and design of electrical systems – Testing and experimenting with electrical components – Reporting and analyzing test results – Upgrading and fixing testing apparatus

Demand:- There will always be a need for electrical specialists due to innovation and the creation of new electrical technology.

  • There are many opportunities in many different fields that arise from the ITI Electrician jobs . There is a great need for qualified electricians, regardless of your preference for working on cars, houses, businesses, or factories. ITI Electrician jobs  can anticipate a fulfilling career with lots of opportunities for advancement and specialization with the appropriate education and certification
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