Finding a new job can be a tedious process but for some starting one can be nerve wrecking.  Just to assure you, it is normal to feel anxious at such times. The feeling of anxiety due to the fear of the unknown or the new and the fear of not being able to deliver assigned projects can get to your head. So, how should one go about preparing for a new job?

  1. Trust yourself
    The company if has chosen you, they clearly did for a reason. You are capable and tick all their boxes when it comes to your capabilities. It’s only natural to doubt yourself but sit back and try to think rationally about your situation. Try to see yourself from someone else’s perspective.
  2. Jot down your qualities
    Finding it hard to trust yourself? That’s okay too! To overcome that jot down the good qualities you have that are compatible with the project or the company you’re going to work with.
  3. Take it easy
    It’s very natural to get overwhelmed by the amount of work you receive at first. Since you are new to the company you might find it hard to connect with them immediately. You will need some time to get accustomed to the new ways of the company and don’t worry, the company is well aware of that. They won’t expect you to understand the flow of the work process from the very first minute. It will take time, give yourself some. Prioritize your work and take it one step at a time.

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