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As of 2024, the average gross monthly salary in Romania stands at approximately 7,939 RON (Romanian Leu), equivalent to around €1,600.  salary  based on factors such as industry, job role

Average worker in Croatia can expect to earn around 147,000 HRK gross, equivalent to approximately 19,500 EUR. 

average salary in Finland is around 45,684 EUR/year which is equal to 3,807 EUR a month ($ 4207). This is before tax and includes transport, housing, and other benefits. The figures can dramatically fluctuate based on specific job roles, industries, and the level of experience required. 

The average salary in Hungary is subject to change due to various economic fluctuations, but as things currently stand, the average monthly salary is estimated to be between 250,000 HUF (Hungarian Forint) to 350,000 HUF before taxation. 

As of recent data, the average monthly salary before taxes in Sweden is approximately 45,000 SEK (Swedish kronor), which equates to around 4,500 USD depending on current exchange rates. However, after taxes, the average monthly salary that most workers take home is roughly between 27,000 SEK and 29,000 SEK 

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